Where to Get Emergency Bat Removal in Charlottesville, VA

Bat infestations are commonly discovered in the wee hours of the night since they are nocturnal. At night, between the hours of duck and dawn, are when bats are active and moving about in their roosts. Whether you discover one lone bat on the wall in your home, or an entire colony in the attic, you don’t have to wait until morning to contact a professional for help in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Virginia Bat Pros is Here for You Around the Clock!

24 Hour Bat Removal Service in Charlottesville, Virginia

24 Hour Charlottesville Bat Removal You Can Truly Count On

Here at Virginia Bat Pros, our DNR licensed and insured Virginia wildlife rescue and control specialists are on duty, all hours of the night and early morning, so we can instantly respond to your Charlottesville bat removal needs, regardless of time or day! Just call 804-729-9097 and tell us about your situation. We will give you step-by-step instructions, over the phone, to keep you and your family relaxed and protected until we arrive.

Why Choose Virginia Bat Pros?

Not only are we Charlottesville critter control experts who are fully licensed and retain full coverage property liability insurance, but we also have more than three decades of hands-on experience specifically in bat removal and animal-proofing service. Furthermore, we only use safe and non-lethal methods to get rid of bats in Charlottesville, Virginia and operate our business within established industry standards and best practices, as well as, in accordance with local, state, and federal laws that govern Virginia wildlife. But wait, there’s more! At Virginia Bat Pros, all of our animal removal services come with a written guarantee (the longest in the entire state), making our clients feel confident in the work we do!

What We Can Do For You

Virginia Bat Pros offers a wide range of bat removal and control services, for both residential and commercial clients, including bat extraction, exclusion, proofing, inspections, checkups, estimates, referrals, emergency service, and much more. In addition to getting rid of bats in Charlottesville, Virginia, we also provide comprehensive bat cleanup and restoration services to correct the mess and damage they tend to leave behind.

We may also be able to provide bat damage insurance claim work depending on your particular policy and carrier. But as a Charlottesville bat removal company dedicated to old-fashioned values of integrity, quality, and respect, you can trust that our rates are always fair and affordable, regardless of your insurance coverage or personal budget.

How to Get Started With Charlottesville Bat Removal Service

Contact us at 804-729-9097 to speak with a licensed bat control professional about scheduling service, an inspection, or an on-site estimate, anytime. We maintain a broad service area in Charlottesville, VA and its surrounding counties, including Albemarle, Buckingham, Fluvanna, Greene, and Nelson County. This means Virginia Bat Pros definitely provides service in your area, and can do so all around the clock, including after-hours. Furthermore, our licensed bat control experts gladly provide written estimates and information about our Charlottesville bat removal and control services, including our cleanup and restoration services for bat infestations and residual damages.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control
Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Why Choose Virginia Bat Pros for Glen Allen Bat Removal and Control

If you are experiencing problems with nuisance bats in Glen Allen, Virginia, you have finally found the authentic and affordable solution that will deliver lasting results you can trust. Virginia Bat Pros are leaders in the bat extraction and abatement industry, and for reasons that are unparalleled among our local and National chain competitors. You see, we are a family owned and operated business with a long-established, proven track record. As a home or commercial property owner, you have a duty to stop bats from causing any damages, or worse, health and safety risks, to your surrounding premises. If you suspect that you have bats in the attic or other area, then you need emergency bat removal service right now!

Continue below to learn why so many people throughout the state continue to choose the licensed and insured experts at Virginia Bat Pros time and time again, and why you should too!

Glen Allen Bat Removal and Control
Glen Allen VA Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Safe and Affordable Solutions for Nuisance Bats

When it comes to getting rid of bats, Virginia Bat Pros has the environmentally safe and effective solutions you can trust. We provide a wide range of commercial and residential bat removal and control services in Glen Allen, Virginia and its surrounding areas. As a licensed and insured company with more than 30 years of experience in the bat abatement industry, you can feel confident knowing your valuable asset is in the hands of highly qualified professionals. Furthermore, we use a concentrated approach that is both safe and humane, which ensures nuisance bats are extracted and excluded from your property for good, all while your grounds are preserved and protected.

Residential and Commercial Bat Control Services

Our licensed and insured Henrico bat removal contractors provide a wide range of services for both residential and commercial property owners. Our main services include bat removal, bat proofing, bat control, cleanup and restorations for bat damages, full property inspections, emergency service, and written estimates. We also work with several homeowners’ insurance carriers to help cover the cost of restorations needed to repair damages caused by bat infestations. In addition to our basic Glen Allen bat removal and control services, we offer free advice, free phone quotes, same-day service, and much more.

Get in Touch With a Bat Control Operator ANYTIME!

Our bat control specialists operate 24 hours a day, so you can call us if you find a bat in the house in the middle of the night! From private residences and condominiums, to multi-unit housing, hotels, warehouses, churches, barns, and more, we are fully-equipped and standing by to deliver safe and humane bat extraction and proofing at a price you can truly afford. In fact, all of our work comes with our written guarantee, which we are proud to say is the longest one in the state of Virginia!

Request a Free Quote for Bat Removal Service in Glen Allen, VA

Contact us today at 804-729-9097 to learn more about us, or to request a free estimate for Glen Allen, VA bat removal and control. We also gladly provide free advice, and can even schedule same-day service or after-hours emergency service. We serve all of Glen Allen City and its outer districts, including Henrico County, Short Pump, Goochland County, and all areas on the way to Richmond.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control
Glen Allen Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Can Bat Poop Make Me Sick?

Bat poop, referred to as guano, is the organic waste matter produced by bats. When a person spots an area with bat guano accumulation, they can safely suggest there is a bat colony nearby. Bats typically reside in one area, where they eat and produce waste for as long as they inhabit the space. Many homeowners suffer the consequences of bat infestation, mostly due to the mass accumulation of bat guano and droppings in their home.

Continue below to learn why bat guano is unsafe for humans and pets, and more importantly, how to get rid of bat guano in your home or building.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097
Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Facts About Bat Guano and Histoplasmosis

Bat guano and bat droppings can be unsafe for humans, especially children.  In bat guano, a fungus called Histoplasmosis Capsulatum grows and gives off toxic spores that we inhale in the air. These spores can cause infectious lung diseases like Histoplasmosis, Spelunker’s Lung, Cave Disease, Ohio Valley Disease, Reticuloendotheliosis, and Darling’s Disease.

These illnesses have similar symptoms of the common cold or flu. Cough, fever, sneezing, and difficulty breathing are all signs of Histoplasmosis and other lung diseases. These illnesses are not contagious, but can be easily and unknowingly contracted through inhaling spores in the air of an infested home or building.   

Bat Poop Odor and Stain Detection

Many homeowners begin to suspect bat infestation and guano problems with odor and stain detection. A common tell-tale sign of long-term bat intrusion is stained walls and strong odor presence within certain areas of the home. Bat droppings and urine create a very unique smell that experts can detect immediately. It also stains walls a yellowish and sometimes brown-like color.

If a homeowner comes across this situation, it is suggested that they have their home inspected by a professional Virginia bat removal company (not a pest control company) right away. Long-term bat infestation means there is a large accumulation of bat guano in the infested area of the property. If odor is detected, inhalation of Histoplasmosis-causing spores could very well have occurred.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control Services You Can Trust

Call Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 when you need prompt and professional Virginia bat removal and control you can afford. We use safe and humane methods to deliver effective 24 hour bat control for residential and commercial properties throughout Virginia. We serve all of Virginia, including Richmond, Petersburg, Short Pump, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Virginia Beach, and all of their surrounding areas. Please request a free estimate or advice, anytime.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control
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