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Bat infestations are commonly discovered in residential attic spaces. And although it is an advantage to have a minimal amount of bat activity near your property, it is never a good situation to have them inside your home. Bats can cause an incredible amount of structural damage, and worse, pose several health and safety risks to both people and pets. If you find a bat colony living in your attic, the most important thing to do is act fast.

The longer you wait to have a bat infestation remedied, the more damage will occur, which in turn increases time and money spent fixing the problem. Furthermore, getting rid of bats in the attic is only the first step. After bats are excluded, the mess they left behind must be cleaned, disinfected, and repaired. Continue reading to learn more about bats in the attic, and what to do if you find one or more in your home.

Signs of a Bat Infestation

Unless by accident or coincidence, homeowners usually do not discover a bat infestation in their attics until the signs become more evident. Bats can actually go undetected for long periods of time when they are in attics since these areas are generally ignored or avoided. This is not good because bats will cause more damage the longer they are present. For this reason, it is wise to learn the signs of a bat infestation, especially if you live near wooded lots or bodies of water. These regions have higher wildlife activity compared to open or new construction residential developments.

The most common signs of a bat infestation include visible bat droppings (on window ledges, roof shingles, or around openings), strange bird-like sounds in the walls or ceiling, strange odors coming from the attic, yellowish-brown stains on walls or ceilings, oily stains around gaps or openings in roof or siding, and a lone bat in the house (usually where there’s one, there’s more).

What Happens When Bats are in the Attic:

A licensed Virginia bat removal and control company needs to be contacted immediately. Choose a company that provides 24 hour emergency bat removal and control service.

Your bat removal specialists will extract the bats using professional exclusion methods. They should also use non-lethal, industry-accepted methods and best practices for bat extraction.

Next, your bat removal specialists will implement the necessary proofing and exclusion maintenance needed to seal up your home and prevent future invasion.

Last, and upon your request, they will provide bat cleanup and repair service to eliminate hygienic hazards and restore your attic back to a safe and functional condition.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Call Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 if you suspect that you have bats in the attic. Our licensed and insured bat removal specialists are focused on safe and effective results, but more importantly, our client’s complete satisfaction. We serve all of Virginia, including Richmond, Petersburg, Short Pump, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Virginia Beach, and all of their surrounding areas with bat removal, bat control, bat cleanup and restoration, 24 hour emergency service, and much more!