How Virginia Bat Pros Gets Rid of Bats in Richmond

When you need prompt and professional Richmond bat removal and control, Virginia Bat Pros knows what to do. Not only are we expert bat abatement specialists who serve all of Richmond and surrounding areas, but we offer the most affordable prices around. Plus, we can perform homeowners’ insurance claim work to clean up and repair after a bat infestation.

Continue below to learn more about Virginia Bat Pros, and why you should choose us for safe and affordable Richmond bat control service that stands the test of time!

We Know Exactly How to GET RID OF BATS in Richmond, Virginia.

A Proven Method of Bat Removal in Richmond, Virginia

Bat exclusion services are a dime a dozen, but Virginia Bat Pros proves time and again why we are the best around. We have a proven method of bat extraction and exclusion that safely eliminates nuisance bat problems for both commercial and residential properties. Plus, all of our services come with a written guarantee (the longest in Virginia. We start off with a full-property bat infestation and bat damage inspection. After thoroughly inspecting your property inside and out, our Richmond bat control specialists closely analyze all the evidence in order to locate all entry points or hot spots used by bats.

We Know Exactly Where to Find Bats

Upon locating where the bats are hiding, and evaluating the damages they have caused with their habits and roosting, we then set into motion all the industry-accepted procedures to get rid of bats in the attic or wherever else they may be. Bats like to roost in all sorts of locations, such as roofing, crawl spaces, wall voids, log piles, hollowed trees, gutters, and more. We have the latest technologies and resources, as well as experience, to promptly make these identifications and evaluations, which sets us apart from our Richmond, Virginian bat control competitors.

We Cleanup and Repair After Bats

After we have finished getting rid of bats, we prevent them from being able to return by implementing the necessary strategies to seal up these points using the highest quality products. The final part of our Richmond bat removal and control process involves cleaning up the mess, and then restoring the structural damages. This includes hazard waste removal, decontamination, sanitizing, deodorization, bat bug remediation, drywall repair, floorboard replacement, attic repair, crawl space repair, and any other repairs needed for damages caused by bats.

How to Get Started With a Free Quote for Richmond Bat Removal

Call Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 for bat removal and control in Richmond, VA and its surrounding counties. We provide emergency after-hours bat removal in case you find a bat in the house or attic, as well as free estimates and free advice, anytime. With more than 27 combined years of hands-on experience and a strong dedication to outstanding service, you will feel confident in our service. Get started today by calling us for a free quote, or to schedule an on-site bat removal inspection.

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