Top 3 Signs That Suggest You Have Bats in Your House

You should never settle for living with bats in the house. Bats are highly destructive, and can also pose a wide range of health and safety risks. For these reasons and more, it is vital to act fast and contact a trusted Virginia bat removal company if you suspect bats are living with you. Continue reading to learn the top three signs that suggest you might have bats in the house.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097
Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Places Bat Tend to Hide in a House

The first thing you need to know before looking for signs of bats in the house is where they are likely to roost. “Roost” is a term to describe the place where bats settle or gather for rest or sleep. Typically, attics are the most common place to find a bat infestation; however, other common areas include sheds, garages, wall voids, underneath roof shingles, inside chimney flashings, and more. The main problem with a bat infestation is that bats are not solitary mammals; they congregate and live in colonies, which often times, are quite large. As soon as you see the signs of bat activity, it is crucial to take immediate action by calling a licensed bat abatement company for professional and safe assistance.

Here is What to Look For:

Real Bats

The most common sign of bats in the house is the most obvious sign: plainly seeing bats with your own eyes. If you see bats flying around your house at dusk hours or later in the evening, you can safely assume that your home could be a potential target for bat damages. Keep an eye out on where the bats are flying to and from, and take notice of them perching on areas of your home, like door frames and gutters. These are common places to see bats hanging out while on the hunt for insects. Taking these observations can also help point your licensed bat removal specialist in the right direction to locate their entry and exit points in your house.

Bat Droppings (Guano)

The second most common and apparent sign of localized bat activity around your house is bat guano. Bat guano is bat droppings, namely, their feces. However, the indications that appear as a result of bat guano can also be attributed to their urine. If you see piles of bat guano around window ledges, door frames, attic areas, or anywhere else in or around your home, it is a sure indication that bats are living with you. Although often confused with mouse droppings, you can tell guano apart because it will contain tiny pieces of undigested insect parts, and it is softer and larger. You may not see the actual bat guano, but there are signs that will indicate it may be present, such as yellow or black stained walls and ceilings, musty odors, and pest infestations.

Entry/Exit Holes or Crevices

The third most common sign that bats are in your house are visible entry and exit points. Do not worry if you cannot locate these yourself. Professional bat removal and control specialists retain the proper training, experience, and technologies to accurately locate and identify bat entry and exit points. Trust them for a comprehensive property inspection to confirm where bats are entering your house. They will seal these openings up so that bats can no longer re-enter once they leave to hunt insects for the night.

A Trusted Virginia Bat Removal Company That Gets Rid of Bats in the House

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