The Difference Between a Wild Bat and a Nuisance Bat

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Bats have had it hard in terms of repute. Many people think of bats a dirty rodents and pests, when in fact, bats are incredibly unique and remarkable species that play an integral role in our surrounding eco-systems. For instance, bats are the only mammal that can fly! This is an incredible attribute, making them very special. Furthermore, they are integral in insect control, consuming more than 1,000 mosquitoes, gnats, flies, moths, and more, every night. That is a great favor for you since it keeps your property clear of unwanted bugs. As you can see, bats are not as bad as they are made to seem. However, there are cases in which bats in the wild become nuisance bats.

Continue reading to learn the difference between a wild bat and a nuisance bat. The distinction is important, especially if you have bats on or around your property.

Nuisance Bats

In Virginia, bats can be abated or excluded if they are deemed a “nuisance” to a residential or commercial property owner. According to the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), “(…) species found committing or about to commit depredation upon ornamental or shade trees, agricultural crops, wildlife, livestock or other property or when concentrated in numbers and manners as to constitute a health hazard or other nuisance.”

Wild Bats

Although bats can fit into the “nuisance” category quite often, it does not include bats that are labeled as “endangered” or “threatened” under federal law. Endangered and threatened species of bat are protected under the Endangered Species Act. This Act makes it a Federal offense to “harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt to engage in any such conduct” to endangered or threatened species.

There are Currently 3 Endangered Species of Bat in Virginia:

Gray Bat (Myotis grisescens)
Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis)
Virginia Big-Eared Bat (Corynorhinus townsendii virginianus)

What To Do if You Find a Bat

If you discover that there’s a bat in your house, you need to contact a licensed Virginia bat removal company for emergency bat removal services. You can try to isolate the bat to one area of the home. So if it is in the bedroom, simply shut the door and leave one all the windows open to encourage the bat to fly outside. Leave the room like this until the bat removal specialists arrive.

If you find a bat on your property, whether a stranded baby or an injured adult, take your pets inside and leave it alone. Let nature take its course. If you have outdoor pets or children, contact a wildlife rescue company to have the bat safely and humanely removed and relocated. Special permits are required to transport bats and other wildlife.

If you notice bats flying around your property, you are in luck because you have a built-in insect control system. However, you need to have your home inspected and sealed up to by a licensed Virginia bat control company to ensure bats cannot enter your home and cause structural damages.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

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