Who is Responsible for Bat Damages if I Live in an Apartment?

Bats are capable of causing an extreme amount of structural damage, as well as, several health and safety hazards. For these reasons, it is vital to get rid of bats as soon as possible, before they have time to create more mess and destruction. As for homeowners, making this decision and implementing the process is pretty straightforward since they have all the decision-making power. But what about those who rent?

Whether an apartment, townhome, condo, or house, landlords have a legal and moral duty to ensure the premises are safe. Although renters have rights, it is their own responsibility to learn them. If you have bats in or around your apartment, it is wise to get out your lease agreement and renters’ insurance policy and take a close look at the terms.

Continue reading to learn who is ultimately liable for bat infestations in your rental, as well as, how to move forward with bat removal and clean up.

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Apartments and Bats

Bat infestations in apartment buildings is a common occurrence. There are many places to hide, use as shelter, and hunt for food. It is easy for them to access areas like wall cavities, attics, crawl spaces, roof soffits, and more, because they are very tiny; an average adult little brown bat can fit through a gap as little as 3/8 of an inch! Although bats are highly beneficial and important species for the eco-system, they can cause a lot of problems for us in a residential setting.

Types of Bat Damages and Hazards

Bat roosting areas will be covered in droppings, which can leak through the ceilings and walls of your living quarters. Not only is this incredibly unsightly, it can also cause foul odors to linger. After sometimes, saturated drywall and ceiling boards can begin to warp, dip, or sink, which can become a safety hazard. Furthermore, the mess bats create in their roosts can develop mold and fungal spores, some of which can be hazardous to your health. Fungal spores grow on bat guano can travel through air ducts and cause respiratory complications, and even a serious fungal infection known as Histoplasmosis.

Who Pays for Bat Removal and Cleanup?

With so many dangers and threats posed by bat infestations, it is obvious why you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. The longer bats reside in your apartment, the more damage will occur. So who is responsible for bat extraction and bat cleanup and restoration? The answer is, your landlord.

Landlords and property owners are the ones liable for any damages and needed restorations caused by bats, as well as, bat abatement removal services. So long as you notify your landlord as soon as you suspect bat or pest activity near your rental, you have done your part. After you have given official notices, and nothing has been done, your landlord can face certain penalties.

Refer to your lease agreement to confirm your rights and their liabilities, just in case there is a clause regarding protocol. You can also talk to a local Virginia bat removal company for answers to your questions. They can help you understand your rights to bat abatement, and how to take the request to the property owner or landlord. They can even contact your landlord personally to explain the potential consequences of a bat infestation in a residential building or rental.

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Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

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