Can I Keep a Stray Baby Bat as a Pet?

Baby Bat (Pipistrellus pipistrellus)

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It is very possible to find a stray baby bat on the ground, especially if you are near forested areas and large bodies of water. Baby bats, known as “kits”, are sometimes deserted in nature for several reasons. Some common reasons include blue jay attacks and storms, but most often, kits are lost in the mix of being moved from one roost to another by their mothers. Other times, baby bats are deserted by their mothers if they are sick or injured. Injuries can occur from high falls, cats and other predators, and more. If a kit is infected with rabies or another transmissible disease, it is likely that they were left by their mothers to, like most rabid animals, find a secluded spot to die quietly.

Regardless of why a baby bat has become isolated and grounded, it is important that you leave it right where you found it, and keep moving. If you suspect that the bat could be rabid, immediately contact a local Virginia bat control company to report the bat and eliminate the hazard. You must understand that you are not qualified to rehabilitate an injured bat, nor raise and care for a wild bat as a pet.

Here’s why you should never keep a stray bat as a pet:

Bat Lifespan

There are many facts surrounding pet bats that should persuade you to never domesticate one. For example, bats can live up to 25 years or more in the wild. However, most bats only live an average of one year in domestication. This is cruel and unusual punishment for such a significant mammal in our ecosystem. Bats are meant to be out in the open, not enclosed in a controlled environment. In order to have a true quality of life, they need to be free from domestication.

Pet Bat Laws

There are also various laws that protect wildlife, including bats, from domestication, hunting, trapping, and more. This means that owning a pet bat is illegal on many levels. State and federal governments closely regulate the capturing and transportation of wild bats from nature. Furthermore, in order to be legally certified to work with bats in these regards, one would require USDA permits from the local Animal Health Inspection Service.

If You Find a Stray or Injured Bat

If you are in nature away from the general public, the best course of action to take upon finding a stray or injured bat is to keep on walking. Do not mind it any attention, and allow nature to take its course. However, if you are in a place where people often visit, such as your neighborhood or a local park, it is important to report the bat to the proper authorities to avoid any future injuries to the bat or other people. Contact a Virginia bat control company and tell them where the bat is located. They will safely and humanely retrieve and relocate the bat.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

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