Learn How Bat Guano is More Than Just Animal Waste

Although animal droppings are the result of the body eliminating waste and non-digestible content, they can serve a valuable purpose. As is the case with bat droppings, otherwise known as guano. Continue reading to learn how bat guano is used for various applications and benefits around the world!

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? Gunpowder

As early as the late 18th century, our country played its hand in mining caves for bat guano in order to sustain gunpowder manufacturing enterprises. During these times, gunpowder and other explosive materials were produced from bat guano. Believe it or not, bat droppings retain unique properties that allow the production of saltpeter. Saltpeter, or potassium nitrate, is a nitrogen-containing compound use in common technologies like fireworks and rocket propellants. Why? Because it is highly flammable. So flammable in fact, that during the Civil War, the Confederate army actually resorted to using bat guano for ammunition in reaction to the Union’s blockades.

? Pottery

In ancient times, various tribes all around the world used bat guano to make pottery, such as bowls, plates, platters, cutlery, and even statutes and other forms of art. Anyone over the age of 30 surely remembers the scene from “Ace Ventura Pet Detective When Nature Calls”, in which Jim Carey’s character is shocked to learn that the bowl he is licking clean was made from bat guano.

? Fertilizer

All over the world, and since ancient times, bat guano has been used as fertilizer for gardens and crops of various kinds. It is a common practice here in the U.S. to make bat tea, which is a combination of de-chlorinated water and guano. Bat guano tea is used during watering to supplement and stimulate garden growth. Because it contains key nutrients essential for plant growth, such as beneficial microorganisms, and high levels of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, bat guano tea is an excellent fertilizer. It also makes a great soil conditioner, compost activator and fungicide.

Importance of Bats

Bats play a vital role in our surrounding ecosystems, and even our local economies. You see, just one bat can consume more than 1,000 insects in a single night. Since bats are not solitary mammals, there are always dozens together at one time, sometimes even in the hundreds, all hunting for insects in an area.  With so much insect control, people are safer from transmissible diseases that can be spread by biting insects, as well as, potential anaphylactic reactions from stings. Furthermore, our backyards and outdoor areas are more comfortable since there are not as many bugs bothering us.

Bats also play an integral role in the local economies as a result of their insect control skills. Farmers and gardeners see better value in their crops and yields because there are less pests eating away at their produce. Farmed lands are better protected against pest destruction and tampering when bats are around. Better crops mean better business for everyone; it also means healthier, tastier food for consumers.

Do You Have a Nuisance Bat Problem?

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