The Difference Between Bat Mites and Bed Bugs

People all across the Virginia have experienced a bug infestation of some kind. Whether its mosquitos, ants, gnats, or fleas, we have all been there at least once in our lives. Out of all the insects that we encounter in our lifetime, bat mites are one we would commonly overlook. No one ever talks about bat mites, mostly because they are often mistaken for bed bugs

Continue below to learn the similarities and differences between the two insects, as well as, how to permanently get rid of bat mites in your home.

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Bed Bugs Versus Bat Mites

⚠ Bats can carry and transmit parasites like lice, ticks, and of course, bat mites.

Most people have heard stories of bed bug infestations, and many have even experienced it for themselves. The usual signs include itching, red bumps and bites, and actual minuscule bugs in your linens and bed sheets. To get rid of them, people have used exterminators, aerosol sprays, and insecticide treatments to kill and remove the “bed bug” problem.  What some find, is that the infestation eventually comes back.

This is most likely because they treatment administered wasn’t strong enough, or the infestation isn’t bed bugs at all, its bat mites. Bat mites behave very similar to bed bugs. They are tiny parasitic insects that cling to a host and can live up to one year if the climate is agreeable. They live sustainably in dark and narrow areas, just like bats, which is why bats are their favorite hosts.

How to Get Rid of Bat Mites

⚠ No matter how many times your house is fumigated, disinfected, and treated, BAT MITES WILL NEVER GO AWAY unless you get rid of the bats, first!

Standard extermination services are not enough for bat mites, and they probably never will be. An exterminator cannot simply spray, kill, and call it a day when it comes to bat mites. As long as their host remains, they remain and will continue to come back over and over again. You have to take more invasive action to get rid of bat mites compared to bed bugs.

Once the bat colonies are cleared from the area and proper preventative maintenance is implemented to ensure there will be no more future bat break-ins, you are on your way to a pest-free living space. This is when you can begin to properly clean and sanitize the area for bat mites. Keep in mind that bats can also carry and transmit fleas, lice, and ticks.

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How to Get Rid of Bat Mites

Many people assume they have a bed bug outbreak in their home, when in fact, it’s bat mites. Continue reading to learn more about bat mites, including what you need to do to properly clean up an infestation.

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Bat Mite

Bat mites, also known as bat bugs, are very similar to bed bugs in that they also consume the blood of a host. However, bat mites are a different type of parasite that are caused by a very specific reason; and that reason is a bat infestation.

If you have bat mites in your home, it means that you most likely also have bats. Most bats carry these mites, so if you discover them, you can safely assume there are bats living somewhere in your home as well. If you discover bats in your home, then you can safely assume you will need to resolve a bat mite infestation too.

Bat mites are a problem for many reasons, mostly involving personal comfort and hygiene. They can transfer to other hosts; and when they move from a bat to the rest of the home, they usually survive by feeding off of the blood of humans or pets. This can cause a wide range of skin irritation, including itchiness, bumps, reddening, burning, and more.

Treating Bat Bug Bites

Bat mite bites can be treated with simple, over-the-counter remedies, such as skin creams, antihistamines, and lotions. They can also be treated with prescription medications and ointments under the supervision of a family doctor. The type of treatment required depends on the severity of the reaction. If a pet such as a dog or cat shows signs of skin irritations, it is important to take them to their vet clinic for professional examination and treatment.

Cleaning Up an Infestation

The most effective and fastest method to getting rid of a bat bug outbreak is to first get rid of a bat infestation. Contact a licensed and insured Virginia bat removal and control company for professional inspection, extraction, and exclusion services. This means they will inspect the entire property for bats, remove them using safe and humane methods, close up any possible entry points, and then implement or recommend any environmental modifications to prevent bat activity on your property.

Once you have removed bats, you can then deal with the bat mite infestation. Fortunately, many bat removal businesses also provide full-service clean up and restoration services for damages caused by bats. This includes integrated pest management solutions for bat bugs. They may also be able to provide homeowners’ insurance claim work.

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