Did You Find a Dead Bat on Your Property?

If you recently came across a dead bat in or around your house, there are some facts you need to know right away. Continue reading to learn what you should do, and how you should follow up after the bat has been removed.

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Bat Diseases and Health Hazards

The first rule to finding a dead animal is to never touch it, not even with protective gloves. When it comes to bats, the same rule of thumb applies. Bats are known carriers of several infectious diseases, including Rabies, distemper, and roundworm. They are also common carriers of harmful parasites, such as mites, lice, fleas, and ticks. All of these diseases and pests can be transmitted to both people and pets, making dead bats a serious hazard in any non-professional situation.

So What Should You Do?

As soon as you find the dead bat, cut off access to it by isolating pets and kids in another area. If the bat is outside, be sure everyone, including cats and dogs, are inside the house. If the bat is in a certain room of the house, shut the door or put up gates to prevent kids and pets from getting close. Do not attempt to touch or recover the bat under any circumstances. As mentioned, you might expose yourself to a transmissible disease or health hazard.

Once you have mitigated possible exposure to people and pets, your next move is to contact a local bat abatement company for emergency bat removal services. They have the tools, training, and state licenses to legally remove and relocate bats, whether dead or alive. Keep in mind that it is illegal to tamper or harm a bat in Virginia. See our blog, “State Laws Surrounding Wild Bats” to learn the laws that govern wildlife practices in our state.

How to Follow Up

Once you have had the bat removed, it is important that you follow up by having your home inspected for bats. If you have one bat in or around the house, you likely have more. This is especially true when bats are found inside a home or building. The same company that removed the dead bat can also provide comprehensive bat inspections.

If a bat infestation is located, they can also provide bat extraction and cleanup services. To protect your home from future bat infestations, the company can also provide certain bat-proofing and abatement strategies that will do the job. See our blog, “Frequently Asked Questions About Bat Removal and Control” to learn more about bat prevention.

Where to Get Emergency Bat Removal in Virginia

Call Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 for safe and humane bat removal and control assistance in Old Dominion. We serve all of Virginia with 24 hour bat removal, as well as, numerous residential and commercial bat exclusion services, such as bat cleanup and restorations for bat damages. We even provide insurance work! Contact us at 804-729-9097 to request a free estimate, anytime.