How Many Bats are Endangered?

Bats are wonderful contributors to our surrounding Eco-systems, and even our very own local economies. For this reason, it is a sad truth that bats are not as safe as we wish them to be on this planet. There are several dangers that threaten various bat species all across the world, some of which are caused by mankind, and others that are virtually out of our control.

Continue reading to learn more about the endangered and threatened bat species around the world, and what you can do to support local bat populations in your town.

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Endangered Indiana Bat

Threatened Bats

Threatened bats are not technically endangered, but still at risk. “Threatened” means that the bat population numbers are at a steady decline, putting the species closer to being listed as endangered. You see, bats typically give birth to only 1 pup, per year, so population growth rates are slower than most other flying species. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are currently 104 threatened bat species around the world.

Endangered Bats

Endangered bats are those that have reached seriously low population numbers and at risk of extinction. According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are currently 53 endangered bat species around the globe. Some species of bat listed as endangered include the Giant golden-crowned flying fox, Greater long-nosed bat, Indiana bat, Livingstone’s fruit bat, Gray bat, Townsend’s big-eared bat, Lesser long-nosed bat, Northern long-eared Myotis, and our very own Virginia Big-Eared bat.

Critically Endangered Bats

According to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are currently 24 bat species listed as “Critically Endangered.” Critically endangered bats are at risk of imminent, or forthcoming, extinction. It is similar to being listed as a terminally ill patient at a hospital. Although there is hope for a comeback, history tells us that extinction will be close, at some point in time. See our blog, “Federally Endangered Species of Bat in Virginia” to learn about the 3 species of bat that are protected under the Endangered Species Act.

How to Support Local Bats

You can do your part to support the local bat populations around your community without putting your property at risk of structural damage or safety hazards. See our blog, “How to Safely Support Local Bat Colonies” to learn how to get started.

How to Safely Manage Nuisance Bats

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