Products That are Not Recommended for Bat Control

If you have a nuisance bat problem on your property, there are good ways and bad ways to manage the situation. Bats, although quite bothersome to homes and buildings, are actually critically important to our Eco-system and local economies. For this reason, bats are protected by law, and it is not legal for someone to trap, harm, kill, or even keep a bat as a pet, unless they are authorized by the state.

This can be quite confusing since property owners can go online or to certain retailers and purchase products that are advertised as “bat pest control.” The problem with these products, besides the fact that they are mostly ineffective, is that they are inhumane and unsafe. If you have a nuisance bat problem on your hands, please avoid these dangerous and often times, inhumane products advertised for bat abatement.

Continue reading to learn which products you might find on the market that are not good for bat removal and control, as well as, a terrific homemade recipe for an effective and safe bat repellent spray.

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Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Bird Netting

If you ever come by a pest control worker that recommends setting up bird netting to catch and remove bats, do not take their advice. Bird netting is incredibly inhumane for bats, as it can damage their wings, cause orthopedic injuries to their tiny hips and forearms, and even cause womb injuries to pregnant female bats.

Furthermore, bird netting can be very dangerous for other types of wildlife, as well as, dogs, cats, and even small children. It can cause strangulation, circulatory depravation, deep cuts and wounds, and more. These same principles apply to bird spikes, which are also inhumane and ineffective against bats.

Shock Track Systems

Similar to bird netting, retailers also offer products that deliver a small pulse of shock if a bird (or another flying animal) decides to roost on a ledge. These are called shock track systems, and although they are advertised to deliver a “harmless” shock, we still consider them utterly inhumane. Bats are not birds; they are mammals just like us! So, setting up a system that electrocutes them is wrong, even with the shock being physically harmless.

Pest Repellents

Most pest repellents on the market, whether in granule form or sprays, are usually toxic to both living organisms and nature. Not only are these generally ineffective, they are harmful to people, pets, animals, insects, trees, grass, plants, soil, underground water supplies, and more. It is never recommended by bat removal specialists to use such repellents on any kind of wildlife, especially bats. Not only will they not solve your problem, they will pose several health risks to you and your loved ones.

See our blog, “A List of Household Spices to Keep Bats Away” to learn how to make a safe and humane, non-toxic bat repellent recipe that you can make from scratch, and for just a few dollars!

How to Safely Get Rid of Bats in Virginia

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