What You Need to Know About Bats if You Have Some Around Your Property

Bats are an incredible species of mammal, and we are lucky to have them as a part of our surrounding Eco-system. Their high metabolic needs and diverse diets significantly impact our ecological communities by playing a vital role in pollination, seed dispersion, crop fertilization, insect control, protozoan hosting, ecotourism industries, and more. But where there are advantages, there are also disadvantages. If you have spotted bats around your property on a nightly basis, it is essential to better understand their behaviors so that you can better protect your home or business from bat damages and associated risks.

Continue reading to learn what you need to know about bats if you have them around your property.

Get Rid of Bats Richmond VA 804-729-9097
Get Rid of Bats Richmond VA 804-729-9097

Nuisance Bats

Bats are common nuisances for home and business owners. They are attracted to dark, warm shelters to raise their young and hibernate through winter, including attics, crawl spaces, garages, sheds, roofs, and walls. They can enter through a crevice as tiny as 3/8th inch, so it is easy for them to get inside a vulnerable structure. You can tell if you have bats in the house or around your property by looking for the signs. This includes hearing strange noises in the walls or attic at night, spotting animal droppings around windows or doors, smelling foul odors from attic or crawl space areas, and more.

Bat Damages

Bats can cause a long list of structural damages to a home, and the accumulation of their droppings can create an unsanitary, biohazardous environment. Furthermore, they pose a wide range of health risks since their guano can cause respiratory illnesses, and they may carry diseases and parasites like rabies, lice, mites, and more. Fortunately, several professional wildlife control companies offer restoration and decontamination services for damages caused by bats. They will remove the bats from the space using safe and humane methods, clean up the mess they made, sanitize the entire area, and restore any structural damages they caused from their stay.

Bats and Rabies

Many people wrongly assume that all bats have rabies. The truth is that bats are common carriers of the rabies virus, but that does not mean all bats are carriers, nor does it mean that carriers are infected. If a bat is rabid, you will be able to tell by a blood test, which can only be done correctly by a state’s Department of Health. A rabid bat is not likely to be a threat since they generally seek out isolation to die. In fact, bats that are not sick are not likely to attack either. They are more afraid of us than we are of them. It is very rare for one to bite or attack unless provoked. This is why regular vaccinations are so vital for pets.

Bat Removal and Control

To properly eliminate a bat problem, bats must first be removed, and then specific precautions must be taken to ensure they cannot reenter your home or building. There are many things you can do yourself to reduce the level of wildlife activity around your property, such as removing all food and water sources, including bird baths, squirrel feeders, pet food, gardens, and more. You can also install automatic motion lighting or ultrasonic sound machines, as well as, spread predatory urine or other non-toxic repellents around your yard. Just use water, ground hot pepper, and menthol oil to make a homemade bat repellent.

Are you dealing with a nuisance bat problem in or around your property? Contact Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 for prompt and professional bat removal and control you can afford. We serve residential and commercial clients.

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Top Ingredients to Use for a Nuisance Bat Repellent

We love animals. We just don’t want them taking shelter in or around our homes and businesses. Animals like bats are highly beneficial to our Eco-system and economies, but they are also highly destructive, even known carriers of several infectious diseases. So, although we don’t want bats hanging around, we also don’t want them to be affected by our animal abatement methods in a negative way. Fortunately, for people like you and me, there is a safe and humane way to get rid of bats using a homemade, nontoxic solution.

Continue reading to learn how to make your very own bat repellent using the top 3 most effective and safest ingredients.

Richmond VA Bat Removal Services 804-729-9097
Richmond VA Bat Removal Services 804-729-9097

Animal Repellent Spray Supplies

A spray solution is the easiest way to make an animal repellent for bats, plus the easiest to apply. To make a homemade bat repellent, you will need clean water, a clean plastic spray bottle that is at least 16 ounces, and a few household ingredients. Now, there are several ingredients you can add to your bat repellent solution, but the top ingredients that bats really seem to hate include putrescent egg, capsaicin, and menthol.

It is also suggested that mothballs work well to repel bats, however they may not be safe for homes with children and pets. Likewise, capsaicin may also irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, so aim to apply your repellent far away from children and pet play areas. If that’s not possible, it may be a good idea to leave it out of your solution, altogether.

Why They are Suggested to Work

Putrescent egg is scientifically formulated to mimic the smell of a decaying animals, which bats perceive as a predatory zone. They will steer clear is such danger zones. Capsaicin is the main ingredient in hot peppers. It is responsible for the burning, tingling sensation that you experience when you eat something with hot sauce or hot peppers in it. Bats do not like these smells and sensations, and will stay away from them at all costs. The same applies for menthol. If you cannot access capsaicin, you can substitute it with cayenne pepper or red chili pepper. If you cannot access menthol, mint works well too.


▶ Clean Water
▶ Clean Plastic Spray Bottle
▶ Putrescent Egg Solids
▶ Capsaicin Oil
▶ Menthol Oil

Where to Buy Animal Repellent Ingredients

You can purchase putrescent egg at any local home improvement or garden store. You may be able to purchase them at local farmers’ markets and through private sellers, online. Capsaicin oil and menthol oil can be purchased online through any common retailer, or you can purchase them at any local department store. The grocery or drug store might even have them in the pharmacy more wellness section.

How to Make Bat Repellent:

➀ Fill the plastic spray bottle 3/4 of the way with clean water.
➁ Add ¼ cup of putrescent egg solids.
➂ Add 10 drops of capsaicin oil.
➃ Add 10 drops of mental oil.

How to Use Bat Repellent:

➀ Make sure that To the bottle is secured on tightly.
➁ Gently turn upside down and right side up a few times to ensure the solution mixes.
➂ Spray in high traffic areas or around the perimeter of your property to keep bats out.

Does it seem like no matter what you try you continue to have a problem with nuisance bats? Just contact Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 for licensed and insured bat removal and control you can afford. We serve residential and commercial properties.

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Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097
Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

How to Make Non-Toxic Bat Repellent Spray

In our previous blog, we discussed which products on the market are not recommended for controlling nuisance bats around your property. Although we gave you some advice on which spices you can use to ward off bats, it might help to learn a safe and effective recipe for a homemade, non-toxic solution that works effectively as a repellent against bats.

Continue reading to learn how to make this easy, humane, and non-toxic bat repellent spray using simple ingredients found around the house!

What You Will Need:

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097
Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

What To Gather Up as Supplies

You will need a clean, unused plastic spray bottle. You can purchase these for a few dollars at any local convenient store or department store. You can also find them at home improvement stores, dollar stores, craft stores, gardening stores, and online vendors. After you get yourself a plastic bottle, you might want to opt for some safety gear, such as rubber gloves or eye goggles. These will protect your skin, eyes, and mouth from anything irritating in the repellent.

As for ingredients, bats hate strong-scented spices, such as cinnamon, menthol, spearmint, peppermint, eucalyptus, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and garlic. Most of these items can be found in your pantry or spice cabinet. Otherwise, simply visit your local grocer and gather them up there.

How to Make and Apply Your Repellent

It is important to know that this repellent can irritate your skin, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. This means it can also have the same effect on pets. So before using your solution, be sure you have a plan in place to protect your pets from the areas where the repellent has been applied.

To make your repellent spray, simple combine water with whichever ingredients you have chosen, and transfer the solution into your plastic bottle. Now just don your protective gear and get started with the application process. Here’s how:

Think about the areas where the bats are becoming a bother. Perhaps they are taking over your log pile, inhabiting a common tree on your property, or some other area that needs to be bat-free. This is where you want to apply the repellent.

When spraying the repellent, be sure to apply it 6 to 8 inches away from the surface to ensure even distribution. Continue spraying around the area, and then move onto a perimeter application.

Take a walk around the larger area that needs to be excluded of bats. Using the spray, create a boundary, and then remember where the boundary is with land markers. This will help you keep pets away from the area.

Permanent Bat Control Solutions

To truly get rid of nuisance bats, you may need more than just a repellent. Typically, environmental modification strategies must also be combined with a repellent to resolve your nuisance bat problem at its root. By abating bat activity on and around your property, you can further protect your outdoor pets from bat confrontations. Certain environmental changes coupled with professional bat exclusion services are the best strategies for abating bat activity. Contact a licensed Virginia bat removal and control company in your town for humanae bat exclusion advice and assistance.

Who to Call for Virginia Bat Control at an Affordable Price

Call Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 for safe and humane bat removal and control assistance in Old Dominion. We serve all of Virginia and its surrounding areas. We offer 24 hour bat removal, as well as, numerous residential and commercial bat exclusion services, such as bat cleanup and restorations for bat damages. We even provide insurance work! Contact us today for a free estimate.

Products That are Not Recommended for Bat Control

If you have a nuisance bat problem on your property, there are good ways and bad ways to manage the situation. Bats, although quite bothersome to homes and buildings, are actually critically important to our Eco-system and local economies. For this reason, bats are protected by law, and it is not legal for someone to trap, harm, kill, or even keep a bat as a pet, unless they are authorized by the state.

This can be quite confusing since property owners can go online or to certain retailers and purchase products that are advertised as “bat pest control.” The problem with these products, besides the fact that they are mostly ineffective, is that they are inhumane and unsafe. If you have a nuisance bat problem on your hands, please avoid these dangerous and often times, inhumane products advertised for bat abatement.

Continue reading to learn which products you might find on the market that are not good for bat removal and control, as well as, a terrific homemade recipe for an effective and safe bat repellent spray.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097
Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Bird Netting

If you ever come by a pest control worker that recommends setting up bird netting to catch and remove bats, do not take their advice. Bird netting is incredibly inhumane for bats, as it can damage their wings, cause orthopedic injuries to their tiny hips and forearms, and even cause womb injuries to pregnant female bats.

Furthermore, bird netting can be very dangerous for other types of wildlife, as well as, dogs, cats, and even small children. It can cause strangulation, circulatory depravation, deep cuts and wounds, and more. These same principles apply to bird spikes, which are also inhumane and ineffective against bats.

Shock Track Systems

Similar to bird netting, retailers also offer products that deliver a small pulse of shock if a bird (or another flying animal) decides to roost on a ledge. These are called shock track systems, and although they are advertised to deliver a “harmless” shock, we still consider them utterly inhumane. Bats are not birds; they are mammals just like us! So, setting up a system that electrocutes them is wrong, even with the shock being physically harmless.

Pest Repellents

Most pest repellents on the market, whether in granule form or sprays, are usually toxic to both living organisms and nature. Not only are these generally ineffective, they are harmful to people, pets, animals, insects, trees, grass, plants, soil, underground water supplies, and more. It is never recommended by bat removal specialists to use such repellents on any kind of wildlife, especially bats. Not only will they not solve your problem, they will pose several health risks to you and your loved ones.

See our blog, “A List of Household Spices to Keep Bats Away” to learn how to make a safe and humane, non-toxic bat repellent recipe that you can make from scratch, and for just a few dollars!

How to Safely Get Rid of Bats in Virginia

Call Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 for safe and humane bat removal and control assistance. We serve all of Virginia and its surrounding areas. We offer 24 hour bat removal, as well as, numerous residential and commercial bat exclusion services, such as bat cleanup and restorations for bat damages. We even provide insurance work! Contact us today for a free estimate.