What To Do If You Find a Bat

Finding a bat can be alarming. Not only can they carry several types of infectious diseases and transmissible parasites, they are also capable of causing serious structural damage to a property. At the same time, bats are ecologically important and often protected under state and federal law. For these reasons and more, be sure you take the proper steps in order to protect yourself, your home, and the bat if you ever come across one on your premises.

Continue reading to learn what to do if you find a bat in different areas of your property.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097
Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

On the Ground

If you find a bat on the ground, it could be for a number of suspicious reasons. The bat could be injured, sick, dying, or dead. It could also be abandoned by its mother. Regardless of why there is a bat in your yard, it is important to take certain precautions to be safe. If you do not have pets or children, and you usually do not occupy that area of your yard for recreational purposes, it is suggested to simply let the bat be. Allow nature to take its course.

However, it is more likely that the bat is in the way and will need to be relocated. In this case, use a shoe box or tissue box to scoop the bat up and transfer it to a wooded area. Be sure to wear gloves and do not tamper with the bat. Relocating the bat will protect pets and children from contagious diseases, and save you the hassle of dealing with a dead animal on your premises.

In the House

Sometimes, when a window or screen door is left open at night, a bat can wander inside the home and rest on a wall or ledge. If you happen to discover a bat in your house this way, whether in the garage or in the kitchen, it is important to not panic and alarm the bat. Instead, get all of the children and pets out of the room where the bat is located.

Then open all of the doors and windows near the bat. Next, use a broom or something soft to gently tap the wall next to the bat to encourage it to fly away, and hopefully out of a window or door. If you cannot get the bat out of the house, contact a local bat removal and control company for emergency extraction assistance.

In the Attic

If you find a bat colony living in your attic, a licensed Virginia bat removal and control company needs to be contacted immediately. The longer you wait to have a bat infestation remedied, the more damage will occur, which in turn increases time and money spent fixing the problem. Furthermore, getting rid of bats in the attic is only the first step. After bats are excluded, the mess they left behind must be cleaned, disinfected, and repaired.

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Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097
Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

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