4 Questions You Want to Ask Yourself About Bats in the House

When a homeowner begins to suspect that there are bats in the house, a starting off point can sometimes be hard to find. Feelings of panic and dread can often cloud the path to resolution. If this sounds like you, continue below to learn the 4 questions you should be asking yourself about bats in the house to get you started off on the right track toward a bat-free home.

Get Rid of Bats in the House Richmond VA 804-729-9097
Get Rid of Bats in the House in Richmond VA 804-729-9097

Got a Possible Bat Infestation? Ask Yourself These Questions:

Where are the Bats?

Bats like to hide in all sorts of spots within a dwelling, mostly the attic, but also in wall voids, garages, basements, and crawl spaces. You might even come across bats in the chimney or outside in your kid’s tree house! Bats want darkness and privacy, so focus your search on areas that mimic a cave or crevice-like environment. If you find bats, never attempt to intervene. Turn around, walk away, and contact a licensed Virginia bat removal contractor.

How Many Bats are in the House?

Once you locate bats in your house, you want to ask yourself just how many there are. Bats are not solitary critters, so where there’s one there’s usually a lot more. Bat colonies can range anywhere from a few dozen bats to several hundred or more. Bat colonies can get as large as hundreds of thousands or even millions of bats. Of course, you won’t find this many bats in your house! The average bat colony found in residential and commercial dwellings range between a handful to a few dozen. In worst case scenarios, there could be 100 or more bats. This usually happens in cases of long-term bat infestations, especially in abandoned or vacant buildings.

Have Bats Caused Any Property Damages?

Bat infestations are destructive in all scopes. Not only do they cause a wide range of structural damages to floorboards, ceilings, walls, insulation, and electrical wiring, but they also saturate their surroundings with massive accumulations of urine and guano. These droppings can seep through drywall and show as stains on walls and ceilings. They can also cause lingering odors in the home. Look for these signs to verify a bat infestation in your home.

What Should I Do Next?

The only solution to getting rid of bats in your house safely is to hire a licensed Virginia bat removal company. They have the proper licensing, insurance, training, and resources to safely extract bats and clean up after them. More established and reputable companies can also offer minor restorations such as attic insulation replacement.

Do you think you might have bats in the house or around your home? Contact Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 for prompt and professional bat removal and control you can afford. We serve residential and commercial clients.

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How to Remove Bats From Bell Towers and Churches

Nuisance bats can cause quite a disturbance to churches, steeples, bell towers, and similarly-erected edifices. Not only are bats capable of producing a massive amount of damage and destruction, but they can also pose several health and safety risks to both people and pets because they are known carriers of several infectious diseases. If you have bats in the bell tower or other part of the church, is in the best interest of your clergy and your congregation to get rid of them immediately.

Continue reading to learn how to get rid of bats at church, starting with who to call for trusted abatement services near you.

Bell Tower Church Bat Removal Virginia 804-729-9097
Bell Tower Church Bat Removal Virginia 804-729-9097

Why Churches are a Prime Target for Bat Infestation

Bat infestations are a common occurrence in churches for several reasons. Bats are commonly found roosting in churches and steeples because they happen to make a great place to live for bats.

First, churches are typically quite most of the week. This gives bats a peaceful spot to rest the day away before heading out at sunset in search of food. Churches are also known to have bell towers, which bats love because they are high up and far away from predators, making them feel safe and secure.

Bell towers have more benefits for bats too. Not only does their height and structure make for great landing and lift off spots, but they are also quite warm. In fact, they are typically the hottest area of a church.

Heat rises, giving a bell tower a cozy climate throughout the night. This makes bell towers the perfect spot for hibernating bats. All of these reasons are why maternity colonies often choose to roost in churches and steeples.

How to Get Rid of Bats in the Church

Your first step to managing a church or bell tower bat infestation is to contact a Virginia bat removal and control company as soon as possible. In order to get rid of a bat infestation in a church, professional abatement services are required.

Licensed, insured, and experienced critter control companies in Virginia are the only authorities permitted to handle and transport exotic wildlife, as well as implement strategies for animal proofing and animal damage repairs.

Are you a Virginian-based church leader or director who needs to get rid of a bat problem in the bell tower or steeple? Contact Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 for affordable and prompt bat removal services in Virginia, including Richmond, Salem, Leesburg, and all surrounding areas. We serve residential and commercial clients.

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