4 Areas of a Home You Might Find a Bat

Although bats have ecological value, we do not one them roosting around our properties.  They can cause a range of structural damages inside and outside, and pose a long list of health and safety hazards. For these reasons and more, it is in your best interest to resolve a nuisance about problem before it can get worse. One of the best ways to protect your home from nuisance bad infestations is to implement routine inspections of your property.

Start with some of the more common areas bats like to hide, including these 4 spots below.

Virginia Bat Removal Company 804-729-9097
Virginia Bat Removal Company 804-729-9097

Top Roosting Spots for Bats

Check these areas of your home to see if there are any bats roosting inside!


Bats love the dark warm climate of an attic space, which is why you typically find colonies roosting here. Attics are one of the first places professional bat abatement specialists check when they are implementing a property inspection for bat activity. After the sun sets, the air currents come in through the vents, cooling the attic down. Bats are sensitive to such air currents, so they awaken them every evening when it is time to go hunt for insects. The cycle continues until an extraction is performed.

Crawl Space

Crawl spaces are another common place to find roosting bats, and for much of the same reasons you find them in attics. Crawl spaces are dark and warm, making for a cozy spot to rest during the day. They are also accessible through gaps and openings high in the house, or through conduits and utility vents.


Chimneys are very common spot for bats to roost, particularly because they are so easy to access. They can also crawl down from the fireplace through a wall, crack, or gap. The most common signs for bats and chimneys are seeing accumulations of guano (bat droppings) around the structure.


Bats are also known to choose rooftops for roosting. They particularly target the corners of a roof, near the vents in the upper siding or the roofing and louvers. Bats will also roost underneath shingles, especially in tile roofing systems. This can cause all sorts of damage, including missing shingles, cracks, water leaks, and more.

What To Do if You Find a Bat

If you discover bats living in or around your property, it is important to immediately separate yourself and your loved ones (including cats and dogs) from the vicinity of their roosting area. Under no circumstance should you ever attempt to touch or trap a wild bat. Your next step is to contact a licensed Virginia bat removal company for emergency bat extraction services. Whether day or night, skilled professionals have the experience and resources necessary to safely remove bats from any location, at any time.

Where to Find Prompt and Professional Bat Removal in Virginia

Call Virginia Bat Pros at 804-729-9097 for safe and humane bat removal and control assistance in Old Dominion. We serve all of Virginia with 24 hour bat removal, as well as, numerous residential and commercial bat exclusion services, such as bat cleanup and restorations for bat damages. We even provide insurance work! Contact us today for a free estimate.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097

Expected Bat Behaviors According to the Season

On the big screen, bats are often portrayed as aggressive animals that fly around erratically and target humans for attack. But the reality is that bats are mostly peaceful mammals, and are not likely to come near you, let alone attack you, under any circumstances. If you live in an area that is highly populated with bats, it will help relieve any concern you have about potential bat dangers by learning about their predictable behaviors year-round.

Continue reading to learn how bats behave from season to season, and what to do to better control nuisance bat activity around your house.

Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097
Virginia Bat Removal and Control 804-729-9097


Bats in the spring are typically transitioning out of hibernacula (hibernation). During this time, bats are searching for a new roosting site that will be better suited for the warmer months ahead. These new sites will serve as maternity roosts for females and bachelor roosts for males. Interestingly, expecting mothers will often return to the very site they were born to have their bat pup! And you better hope it’s not your attic! Other common maternity sites for bats include hollowed trees, window shutters, roofs, siding panels, gutters, barns, and garages.


Once summer arrives, so have the baby bats, also referred to as pups. A mother bat gives birth to one single pup per year, usually around late May or early June. During this time, it is common for homeowners to see lone or dead young bats laying around. This is due to the fact that young bats learn to fly around 8 weeks, which usually occurs in July, and not all pups are good learners. If you see a live, lone bat on the ground in your yard, it is likely just taking a rest before it takes flight and tries again. If the bat is still there the next day, contact a Virginia bat removal company for safe assistance.

Fall and Winter

In the fall, bats are on the hunt for a new winter roosting site. Some bats migrate to southern points of the state, while others choose to search for roosts in the same community. Winter bat roosts often wind up being hollowed trees, abandoned mines, caves, and of course, our very own houses and buildings. Here, bats will enter into hibernacula, also known as hibernation or torpor. This hibernation period generally begins around mid-October, but can sometimes be delayed until the temperatures begin to remain under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Once in hibernacula, bats remain in a torpor-like state until spring emerges with warmer weather.

Professional Bat Control in Virginia

Sometimes bats can be a nuisance, even though they don’t mean to be. When this happens, trust a licensed and insured Virginia bat removal company for safe and humane bat abatement service at an affordable price. Contact Virginia Bat Pros today at 804-729-9097 to request a free estimate or information about our services, prices, and more. We look forward to delivering affordable and long-lasting solutions for your bat problems!